About Us

Paterson Farmers Market is in South Paterson, along the old Erie Railroad line, where it has been since it opened on September 28, 1932. Construction began in August of that year, in the midst of the Great Depression; Mayor Hinchcliffe of Paterson broke ground for the market.

Prior to that time, farmers sold their produce at the Old Island Market on River Street and West Broadway in Paterson. However, when conditions no longer made it feasible to remain there, the current site was chosen. Before contractors began, stock was sold to farmers from the North Jersey and Rockland County area.

Over the years, the market has supplied most of all the small fruit and vegetable stores in the area as well as hospitals, institutions and supermarkets. During the war, thirty-eight east coast army camps were supplied fruits and vegetables from the Paterson Farmer’s Market.

Today, most the farms in the area are gone but the market remains active with the farmers that remain. Fruits and vegetables are still trucked in along with plants, flowers and a wide assortment of other foods. There are also butcher shops and restaurants. A recent $2.14 million renovation project saw the market get a new exterior facade, lighting, paved streets, sidewalks, awnings, canopies and signage.

Shopping at Paterson Farmers Market.
Paterseon Farmers Market